The Lady In Fear Of Cancer

Today’ I once again find myself at yet another doctors office getting my thyroid scanned and see, in the lobby a Bible and pick it up to read Deut 28. As I read, an older lady sits next to me and says “Now thats what I need to be reading,” so I pick it up and hand it to her. She then says, “Well I can’t read it without my glasses” however proceeds to tell me that she was in the office because they found some sort of mass in her breast and the odds of her having cancer was very likely. “Well ma’am, why would you say that?” She named what felt like 62 relatives over the course of 3 minutes that had died from cancer so that likely would be her fate as well.

I reminded this woman of faith that although cancer may have ran all throughout her family, that God was still the author and the finisher of all things. God provides for those who believe and trust in Him. God is bigger than science and He is way bigger than cancer. Whatever the doctors tell you, you have to remember to trust Him in all things and know that He’s got you!……And for the first time in a lifetime the nurse calls me back ahead of schedule but needless to say, her spirits were lifted. 

After my scan, I see this same lady in the parking lot and she has a look of complete and utter joy on her face. She gives me a thumbs up and says, “It’s good! It’s all good. They said it was just a lump of compressed tissue and everything is ok. Now I’m going to go home and read Deuteronomy 28!”

The moral of the story is to stay in the Word. You never know when you may need it to lift someone else up. We all love would love to be a blessing to someone else right? Also, keep our eyes and hearts on him. The doctors may say you only have 6 months to live BUT GOD writes your story, not them. Your boss may say the company is downsizing but trust that God will provide all of your needs. Im hearing more and more people criticizing those who lose weight but keep it pushing, you have to take care of the one body the Lord has given you.

Have Faith and Have a Good Day!


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