Are Carrying Out the Idea That Has Been Put On Your Heart?

So there’s something that’s been placed upon your heart but you haven’t moved on it yet eh? What ever the case, the Book of Nehemiah shows us what serving God looks like and is a great read if aren’t quite moving with what God may be asking you to do. Nehemiah helps us to understand that while yes, we may face many battles daily, we must still push through. In the end, the end result is what matters and it’s all due to such magnificent and determined faith that our God will guide you. Here are some steps to take when searching for help in the Lord: Pray according to the Word. Pray according to His promises. Praise Him as well. If He did it before, He’ll surely do it again! Nehemiah said in 1:5, “Oh Lord, God of heaven, the great and awesome God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love Him and keep His commandments…”

  • Although this may sound silly but Nehemiah also confessed his sins as well as those who he was praying for. This reiterates that we aren’t perfect and how and why we need His help especially if we truly want to do a good job. Think about your weaknesses and how these could help hinder God’s purpose. Think of the reason as to why you haven’t began moving on what’s been put on your heart. That very thing is a weakness, a hindrance to what God has called you to do. Confess these things and ask for forgiveness. Ask that His power be about so that you hit the ground running with childlike faith.
  • Act! This actually may be harder than the last tip. Whether it be a shortage of funds, lack of social support or lack of self confidence that may be holding you back, remember Nehemiah. Nehemiah shows us what serving God with determination looks like. There will be obstacles but God can and will help you to overcome. Just trust Him. If He put something on your heart, do you think He wants you to fail? No! Of course not! If you don’t move, He can’t show His mighty power within your success.

    God will help us in our God-given talents if we move like Nehemiah did with nothing less than determined faith. I believe this may be the key to success in all areas of life. If you walk with determined faith and do not only what we have on our hearts but further what He has called us to do, we must know that the Lord’s gracious hand will be all over our lives to lead us in all types of success.


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